• Worked with SJRWMD to purchase and construct the Sebastian Storm Water Park which reduces pollutants in our waterways
  • Approved the Collier Creek Canal project to reduce pollutants in our waterways
  • Advocates for the use of nutrient scrubbing baffle boxes at all storm water outfalls

  • Advocates employing stormwater management plans utilizing Best Management Practices (BMP's) to control the volume, rate and water quality of stormwater runoff, and always has!
  • Favors an Integrated Pest Management plan to ensure our parks and assets are maintained safely, using an effective and environmentally sensitive approach to pest management that relies on a combination of common-sense practices, ​and always has!

Protect and Restore our Environment

  • Supports the continued development at Sebastian Municipal Airport to include more construction of hangars, utilizing grant funding, to provide for additional industrial locations for higher paying jobs, and always has!
  • Supports expanding the west side airport industrial properties, moving the public works compound to the location and working with the county and state to add water and sewer which will greatly increase desirability and value to these industrial lands, and always has!
Sebastians Working Waterfront

As an avid fisherman and boater Jim Hill has fought for over 2 decades to clean up our waters and environment!

Jim Hill has proven to be a strong advocate for protecting our waterways and environment

Jim's record:

Having lived in Sebastian for over 30 years Jim Hill realizes what makes this town special

Economic Development

Jim Hill has a full understanding of diversity of Sebastians economy and how to keep it rolling

Jim's Record:

  • Strongly supports our tourism industry and understands the Sebastian River Area Chamber of Commerces' roll and supports tourist development funding to the chamber
  • ​Has helped usher in a common sense approach to dealing with issues that may make it difficult to do business in Sebastian with an eye towards trying to figure out how to get to yes rather then starting with a no

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Jim Hill for Sebastian City Council

History, Heritage and Quality of Life

  • Spearheaded the FSL Grant funding program that provides funds to businesses in the CRA to help them beautify their properties and bring them up to current code
  • ​Believes that investing in our parks and playgrounds is essential, and has been working to ensure that children with special needs have access​
  • Supported the purchase of Sebastian's Working Waterfront, utilizing grant funding from the Stan Mayfield Working Waterfront Program
  • Helped revitalize the riverfront district by continued improvements to Fisherman's Landing - Leading by example
  • Supports the purchase of historically significant properties, using grant funding, to preserve Sebastians great History and Heritage 

​​​​​Jim Hill understands the importance of Protecting our History and Heritage while maintaining our Quality of Life

Jim Hill has long been a strong  proponent of Economic Development to provide jobs and keep taxes low

  • Always a strong supporter of the Sebastian River Area Chamber of Commerce and works with the chamber on issues effecting our local small business
  • ​Worked with local businesses to develop a parking in leu program that allows restaurants in our riverfront district better access to public parking, making it easier to expand while still maintaining the ambiance that makes it special
  • Instrumental in the founding of Sebastian Clambake, Riverfront Fine Arts and Music Festival and Srimpfest and continues support of all the amazing activities Sebastian has to offer
  • ​Voted for the creation of the Sebastian Senior Center and to provide facilities to the Sebastian River Art Club, adding to the quality of life for our seniors

Jim's Record:

  • Approved the construction of storm water retention ponds at all new projects be required to reduce pollutant discharges into the lagoon
  • Supports a strong common sense fertilizer ordinance
  • Helped draft our area's only enforceable water restrictions